As a 24 YO living in the ~*future*~, it is miraculously easy to pick up hobbies. My 2016 New Year’s Resolution was to get better at cooking, and after perusing countless websites, a few choice cookbooks, and /ck, I actually followed through. In fact, not only am I speaking to you today a decent cook, I still genuinely enjoy cooking two years later – that’s like 8 years in iphone time! That is not to say there haven’t been failures, frustrations, and wine-drunk ugly cries. But it is my favorite post-work unwind, and more often than not, I end up with some mad decent foods.

But to the point: I amass recipes to try either directly or indirectly (think Buzzfeed lists) from various food blogs. Now, I don’t know how many hours per day you spend on food blogs, but if it’s less than two I am the de facto expert on this topic. As much as I’m sure each food blog is run by a unique, intelligent, creative woman (sorry men… Gordon Ramsay is absolutely my go-to celeb chef, but I genuinely can’t recall the last time I found a recipe on a food blog belonging to a man), they are almost 100% identical:

Long blurb about changing season wherever they live, photo of prep for recipe,  story about a recent visit from/to in-laws (LOVE them), next picture of recipe as if it is somehow related to in-law story but it’s fully not…… cute albeit completely unrelatable (for me) anecdote about children (now that I think of it, the in-law story isn’t really relatable either), more photos of the recipe that is surely to come somewhere in this text wall, plug for book, plug for social media, plug for “preferred” brand of flour/canned tomatoes/olive oil, RECIPE.

While this doesn’t stop me from trying these delicious recipes, and again, I’m sure many of these women are pressured to format things a certain way by reader behavior and possibly even an agent, I have found myself typing the pathetic google search “millenial lifestyle and food blog” like an endangered animal looking for just one other member of it’s species. Needless to say, it does not go well. Our version of food blogs is those terrible, dialogue-less, 2 minute videos set to some jingle (LITERAL jingle… I feel like they usually feature bells and/or chimes) featuring brightly colored tools, ample amounts of cheese and/or oreos, and the WHOLLY unconvincing (soft-looking, etc.) hands and wrists of our “chef,” (JUST the hands!! Our research shows that millenials do not, under any circumstances, want to see the face of someone preparing food for them. PLEASE. NO FACES. JUST. HANDS). It’s true that we prefer quicker, more accessible learning styles, but it’s because we know how to use the internet efficiently, not because we don’t appreciate the details of learning timeless skills, and those are just insulting.

So, here I am! WELCOME to my web presence. Here, you may find:

  • Stuff to do
  • Stuff to make (food)
  • Music: reviews and originals
  • Cool stuff to spend your money on (or at least that I spent my money on, and recommend), featuring a diverse scattering across the plane I know you are all familiar with, which has x-axis usefulness and y style points
  • Philosophical pieces to read when you are in one of those rare, lonely moods that no corner of the internet can seem to soothe (hopefully you will find these relatable or interesting or, at the very least, be comforted that you are less crazy than I am… I will not judge you for finding solace in my instability, in fact, it is my gift to the world)
  • Excessive and seemingly random commas… I am really doing my best here but commas are hard