2017 was an interesting year. An orange Starburst of a year for many, myself included. But I love New Year’s resolutions (see last post), so I made a whole heap of them so that there is no way this year will be as much of a shit show. The items I chose are fueled by my wanting to be a better person not only for myself, but for others. Though not ideal, the orange Starburst is still candy, plus it makes the pink one taste so much better.*


  • Be hotter than I was last year (this is actually a standing resolution of mine and this year encompasses sub-resolutions (yes I am going there): exercise more often, drink less alchies, and get good at eyeshadow**)
  • Create less waste (not human waste… mostly going to use fewer Ziplocs, straws, and begin bringing containers for bulk goods) and reduce meat and dairy consumption (for health and environmental reasons DON’T @ ME). These were inspired by What the Health, Cowspiracy, and this buzzfeed video. Initially, I didn’t have a great impression of any of these, and still don’t necessarily for those first two, but clearly something stuck. Also, since I studied abroad in Costa Rica (see featured image c/o my friend, Kendra Chan) and saw how beautiful, healthy, and youthful they are over there (and how little meat and dairy the average Costa Rican consumes), I’ve been working to reduce my consumption of both. But now I’m RESOLVING to do it.
  • Get back into meditating (I’ll definitely have at least one dedicated meditation post at some point)

So far, so good! Waking up at 5 has helped with at least 3 of them, and not following through on one of them has sabotaged those same 3. Am I making sense? Not following through on that same one has me feeling a lil stupid this morning… I also bought bulk grains in my own tared containers at the co-op last week, and tried looks from the ABH Prism eyeshadow palette several days each week this year (great palette, btw. not that I have any idea whatsoever but um… the colors are… rich and the pigment is… electric… great formula?)

Happy 2018, folks!

*………someone please call me out on that. I do not want this to be the kind of website where someone does not call me out on that
**This one began when I was spending a Sunday afternoon watching compilation videos of Ellen giving people free shit and crying and clicked this video in the suggestions. It was a real wake up call that with the internet and youtube, the average makeup application ability has risen considerably, and if this 12-year-old boy can do makeup better than I can, I need to step it up.