Sheet pan harissa chicken with leek and potato – Ethos doc pt 1

While I see the appeal of sheet pan recipes for some (relatively short active time, few dishes to wash, etc.) I am not their biggest fan. For the miracle of everything cooking optimally – at the same heat and duration, in the same method, on the same surface – to work, requires precisely cut sizes, spacing (think steam coming off vegetables making other items on the pan mushy, and actually I just really don’t think most of those recipes are optimal period. Convenient? Yes. If you’re “too busy” to cook – (though, imo the only valid excuse here is being rich, spending your time actively bettering yourself in some other way or a social obligation and why don’t you just invite them over for a cooking party and scrabble? sounds ideal to me…) – and the option is a sheet pan dinner or taco bell then… that’s a bad example because I love tbell, but if it’s sheet pan or Chipotle, do the sheet pan.

All that said, this is not just any sheet pan meal, it’s a Food52 sheet pan meal. So you can guarantee the convenience is not at the sake of any of the deliciousness. It was low-effort, I finally got to try cooking with the harissa I picked up months ago, and it involved some of my favorite flavor tropes, heat vs yogurt, and excessive herbs. My boyfriend said it is the best meal he’s ever had.

Please try it: recipe.

Worth noting is that I used only drumsticks instead of drumsticks + thighs, and for the herbs I used dill and mint. If you’re going to make one mistake, it should be erring on the small side for cutting your potato. Overly crispy potato beats raw potato every time.

Ps. I’m aware that I am a terrible photographer, plater, and millenial (still have iphone 5). I’m purchasing a camera soon, and working on the photography/plating skills. Bear with me.