Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

I’m a big, big proponent of trying stuff you usually wouldn’t. I recently heard someone say: “Amazing never happens within your comfort zone.” It’s uncomfortable but liberating to realize that amazing is a wholly relative concept, and when I think about experiences I’ve considered amazing, it’s true that they always took place outside my CZ. What I consider amazing is someone’s every day. It could be my normal if I wanted but that would, by definition, require me to deviate from my normal. Contemplating that achieving something amazing is so simple is an enjoyable way to spend a 3 hour work trip return journey, or at least I think so. I don’t know, am I the only one that obvious shit like this works on? Ignore if so.

Taking the concept to a day-to-day level, I often find myself literally forcing people to try new things. Ask my sister whom I fed anchovies on pizza to without telling her, to prove she would like them. She almost threw up once she realized it, but NOT before eating half a slice. In addition to broadening your skill set, social circle, and perspective, trying things outside of your comfort zone is the way to revive the mysterious magic of life which dies for many with childhood. You’ll feel like Harry Potter roaming around a castle-school, discovering new things literally any time you sack up enough to leave your dorm after hours. To many of you, this is preaching to the choir and I applaud you, self-motivated new experience aficionados! But for those who aren’t, most of the people I’ve forced into new things have thanked me – seriously. So, on this basis, I will assume I’m doing good work and expand my mission to broader horizons by spotlighting on Thankles what I’m obsessing over lately.

It seems fitting to begin with the item important enough to be featured in my current tagline, possibly because I’m looking at it now, possibly because it’s all I have room for in my obsession arsenal right now: my Himalayan Salt Lamp! Yes, every word capitalized.

Most young adults have comfy routines. Could be taking off your pants/bra/waist trainer, whatever it is these days and watching the Bachelor. Could be yelling at kids in other countries over your MMO of choice. I personally enjoy face masks + beer + reading. However, my hygge kryptonite, or my anything kryptonite really, is always realized most powerfully when I give in and toss a bone to the basic bitch that lives deep down within. And this xmas gift season, I threw her a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Let me start by addressing what you are all thinking. Yes, I am that person who buys something for myself in every Christmas gift haul. The Himalayan Salt Lamp was the obligatory self-gift of my holiday Amazon Prime order. When the Himalayan Salt Lamp did not arrive two days later, I was a bit upset, despite that all of my gifts to actually give to the people that I love arrived on time. The Himalayan Salt Lamp was backordered or had to be shipped directly from the peaks of the Himalayas or I don’t remember what, but I was more than ready by the time it arrived, 7-10 days later.

Let me next address that the “lamp” is not included – it is a candle holder. Tea light holder to be specific. Luckily, at around $10, it’s no biggie to spend another ten for a pack of 100 tea lights. Plus the holder comes with an informational booklet on the *purported* benefits of Himalayan Salt, which is a total bonus, how I see it. I love reading stuff in which the authors are trying as hard as they can to insinuate something without saying anything they legally can’t because it is not scientifically supported. Ah… I love it. Almost as much as I love having my negative ions sucked up by that big, beautiful chunk of salt.

Now for the facts: my Himalayan Salt Lamp has upped my comfy game in degrees which rival the purchase of my Dumbo pillow pet 4 years ago, and my roommate agrees. What began as the subject of much of Hank’s mockery is now lit many a night at his request, because that boy hates fake science but not as much as he loves cozy. And this Himalayan Salt Lamp is coZy. If you’ve ever given one of these things a longing stare or even an intrigued look at your local co-op or yoga studio, I’d toss Amazon the Hammy and get one for yourself. What’s not to like?! The pink light is warm and soft, the lamp fits the elusive bill of being both a neutral and statement piece, it reminds you to ~*keep it salty!*~

I may or may not be plotting buying a bigger one right now… and one for my office…

Himalayan Salt Lamp
I got 99 problems including not having enough Himalayan salt in my life