Well, shit.

As someone whose favorite way to procrastinate (getting out of bed in the morning, drafting agendas at work, doing anything at work really) is the discover section of Snapchat (I know a lot of you are thinking, “Wow, someone actually watches those.” Yes, I do. That is me. I know. It’s very disappointing) I must say that I am probably most excited when I scroll through the day’s fresh batch of sponsored stories and see the less-frequent-than-daily updated Goop story. WOW that’s a sentence. IT’S MY BLOG. Gwyneth is awesome because she is the quintessential celeb. Beautiful with some weird beauty tips, talented, unashamedly kind of questionable intelligence (like Brad Pitt), dated Brad Pitt, named her kid Apple, you get it. Her Snap photo was a treasured source of entertainment in the earlier years of meme culture development (SEVEN limes) and my opinion of her has definitely risen since her divorce from mr. mylo xyloto (wtf even). But that pales in comparison to the effect the Goop story (and my resulting probably hours of joy at this point) has had on my opinion of her. Healthy recipes, product recommendations, inspirational quotes, and other lifestyle tips. It’s all there and it’s (mostly) all great in some way. Hence the profanity leading this post. IT’S MY BLOG BUT NOT EVEN BECAUSE IT’S A MILLION TIMES BETTER and also existed first. But I’m going to Gwyneth this out and handle it as (I think) she would: positively.

  • Goop is inspiring and evidence that there are some like-minded folks out there. Plus, there are differences (for now).
  • GP appears to having nothing against eating meat… really surprising
  • At this point my blog has no travel tips (because I haven’t traveled) and
  • no celebrity/expert interviews.

So ha! There will be travel articles come summer when Hank and I depart to see this gr8 nation though. But

  • we have different tones too! Like hers is distinctly more positive. Lol.

 Despite consuming Goop’s snapstory comment for several months now, I only ventured to the brick & mortar website (lol) today. And it couldn’t have happened sooner because I have been so uninspired in my internet browsing lately. Needless to say I am now inspired and ready to blow money on clean skincare and single-celled organisms from whom I intend to reap a cornucopia of benefits. I also found a multiple-k-a-night hotel that I am absolutely visiting as soon as I’m rich. This is just the beginning for me and Goop, but I anticipate this being a long and fruitful relationship.

So yes, I am a fan. And while searching the internet for an example of her Snap photo ridicule, I discovered that it seems the general public looks at Goop with disdain for its impracticality and lavishness and I am not surprised but you know what it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s company not Nick Offerman’s, and I really really like it.

Some of the posts I’m most enjoying so far:

and I just made Goop’s Ginger, Lemon & Manuka Honey Tea and it was appropriately delicious. If you need me, I’ll be on for the rest of the weekend.