Hoppy Easter!1!!!111111!

I’ve been working on a song called Spooky, about my cat Spooky who was eaten by neighborhood dogs. It’s my first project created and produced entirely on FL Studios. I like the instrumentation part so much (which I think is 50% pride on successfully learning the basics of fl studios and 50% actually somewhat valid musical value), that I am loathe to actually sing over it and ruin it with my voice, but I need to pay homage to that sweet, cruel, bitch of a cat with language. God knows how long it will take for me to be satisfied with the vocals though, so I’m uploading the instrumentation first as a sort of “fun” preview. I’m thinking it should be visible on the music page of my site automatically, however I don’t pretend to be a widget expert, so here’s a link (Spooky is currently undergoing construction, tbh. Expect it back, um, sometime soon). And since it is a blog, I’ve included a few other updates below.

Google Pixel 2! After my iphone 5 (I think? I honestly don’t know) dying overnight despite being plugged into the charger (and the charger works) and missing my morning alarm for a straight work week, I decided to get a new phone. Consultation with a software engineer friend and the internet confirmed that a Pixel would be best. It’s super smart and I need something which takes badass photos and Pixel is pretty unanimously agreed to be the best, plus unlimited storage. Now I don’t have to buy a camera for the road trip! I am pleased to report I am already well into reaping the benefits in quality of life from modernizing my device. I downloaded apps which were too complex to work on my old phone (Bank of America & Duo Lingo) and now no longer have to walk 1.5 miles to deposit my cell phone stipend check and am learning Japanese! This phone is awesome for other reasons too. It transferred all of my stuff from my old iphone – literally all, like including my apps – in about 20 minutes, has a constant time and notification display so that I can sneakily look at my phone to see whether I have new texts while in meetings without having to even touch it, and has a touch to unlock (awesome) but not an iris scan to unlock (too much/Black Mirror-y). So far it has earned excellent marks from the Hannah school of phones but there’s just under seven years yet (historically, I own the same phone for roughly the same amount of time a british adolescent wizard attends hogwarts).

As far as cooking, I’ve had an uneventful week. Made what are probably my only two original recipes and go-to comfort foods: black bean soup with coconut rice and a pasta with tuna, peas, and dill. Delicious, but not worth posting here, save photo below.


This weekend we celebrated the arrival of spring weather + the long weekend by going out to the local Biergarten, where we chatted up an older couple originally from North Dakota but now living in Portland, OR. The Biergarten patron mean age is probably 25, but every time we go we end up talking to the oldest couple there, and I honestly don’t mind. We spoke to them about our road trip and they shared some local spots to check out and which tourist traps are worthwhile (corn palace??) I love them.

And now, I find myself on the train… which I hate. When are self-driving cars coming?!?!? The Boring Company is fun but PRIORITIES, ELON. Why am I on the train? I’m going to my childhood dentist to get a confirmation on an opinion that I have five cavities. I’ve never had a cavity, and fully believe it’s possible that I have some, yes ok, even five, I guess, but the original opinion came from a source without my full history + past x-rays, and I’d just rather have confirmation on such a drastically different diagnosis. So I’m riding the train home on Easter night, to see the dentist tomorrow morning. The things I do for these teeth. When are genetically engineered super teeth for everyone coming ??!?!?!??! All teeth do is fall out then regrow then slowly rot and fall out again. We look like ridiculous hyper-capable future people with caveman mouths. Get it together, dentists.

Alright, さよなら for now, but I’ll be back with vocals and more, soon. Or maybe I’ll be back with five cavities. Who knows? It is literally out of my control.


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