Strawberry season!!!!!

While I am very tempted to simply type a very meaningful mmmmmmmmmm as the body of this post and leave it at that, I do have a few things to say (ugh).

The first is that you should get your booty to roadside or farmer’s market strawberry stand asap and make this – possibly my favorite salad. It does sound kind of weird and I am totally the type of person who tastes stuff with their brain and not their actual tongue, (like if a dish has flavors I like I will automatically like it without even noticing if they actually go together), but Hank has a pretty good palette and likes it too, so it checks out!  I forgot to take a picture so you’ll have to survive without a visual aid, but I’ll try a vivid description: the crunchiness of the nut balances the softness of the other shit. The strawberry sweetens the saltiness of the capers and nuts. We all know how good avocado is, no need to comment there. And the mint usually hits your palette at the end of bites and LIFTS U UPPP.

Then, I made another favorite: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Cauliflower Cake. This one also sounds kind of weird but is also so delicious that I forgot to take a photo. The… refined flavors of the parm and rosemary are also… persuasive enough to convince your tongue it likes cake made out of cauliflower. Lol. But seriously, it’s really good.

I also tried a new bread recipe from my most trusted bread mentor Alexandra Stafford again, Overnight, Refrigerator Focaccia. It was pretty good, but not good enough that I forgot to take a pic 😉 It seems like it would be really good to accompany soups or cheese or pasta if you’re into eating bread and pasta in the same meal…………. *judging.* The peasant loaf is definitely better suited for our everyday purposes, though I will make this when the aforementioned situations arise. Also, this recipe was super easy again so I’m thinking it may be time to graduate to a slightly more complex bread next time. Anyway, I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit for some illustration so here:

Even on this one I cut it before I got the pic… smh what is wrong wit me

If you look at the post on my girl AStaff’s blog, she mentions the loaf looking like a brain. And then won’t drop it. Talks about how this bread is a brain and brain-like and all these other little analogy-type brain comments and, it’s kind of unexpected from AStaff. Not sure how I feel about it, but it’s not good. But I also think it’s good to say stuff even if it makes other people feel not good. So… anyway.

It is a wonderful spring so far! This is partially because Sacramento’s downtown streets are packed with a variety of trees and plants that are so happy and bright. I literally notice a new little plant neighborhood that I have to take a picture of every single time I walk to work lately. But, it is also due to taking chances and doing things I usually wouldn’t (because I’m judgy or thought it would annoy people or was scared to fail, ofc). Well, I have always known that there are people for whom ignorance is bliss (most people, probably) and there are crazies who are incapable of not just imagining worse and worse scenarios until they can think of nothing else unless they hear the truth (me). For some reason, I didn’t think to apply that to taking chances but now that I have, I’m happy to report that knowing I tried and failed feels wayyyy better than wondering. “Duh,” you are thinking, “everyone knows this.” Ok, cool, sorry.

tldr: Try something new! (Granted it isn’t dangerous or stupid or actually legitimately annoying). Eat some strawberries! Move to Sacramento! Follow my blog! Venmo me $1000! Ok, $500!