I made a new song, and it is called Whale. Like Spooky, this one will eventually have vocals and be performable acoustic too. But I’m so excited on making a decent (generous? too humble? you be the judge) electronic original that I had to post it here before I bless it/screw it up with my voice. And by the way, the name on both of those will be somewhat more sensical when I add lyrics, but I’ve been sick/allergies for a few weeks now, so it’s taking longer than expected to get them up…

I’m happy with the composition but still far from 100% on mastering skills, so if you have any feedback on the sound through your setup, please send it to me (hannah@thankles.com).

Apart from that, I’m proud to say that I’ve created something I would voluntarily listen to myself. While this is partly due to my going straight for the hindbrain, guilty pleasure, bass-saturated rhythms I love, it also has some hints of the more complex aspects that draw me to my own favorite artists, like unpredictable melodic and rhythmic variations and gradual layering/delayering.

If you’ve got 3 minutes to spare and are somewhere it won’t be obtrusive to have some deep-sea-type bass sounds happening, check it out!

EDIT: Whale is currently undergoing construction. Expect it back sometime this fall!


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