Cover: Crazy for You

Good afternoon 2 u all.

Well… I am not doing a very good job of posting consistently. Perhaps I can blame this on the inconsistencies of wifi/signal availability not only as the nature of being a homeless road warrior, but a result of the constant torrential thunderstorms that are “summer” on the Atlantic coast. (Other fun consequences include being constantly damp, housing a society of insects in your home aka vehicle, smelling generally excellent, living in constant fear that you will be struck by lightening because every local that you talk to in a thinly veiled attempt to seek reassurance on this point has a friend who has been struck twice). However the truth is, I have been feeling particularly unenthused about blogs, influencers, and that whole greasy, sparkly world of “mamas of three” and “professional adventurers” etc etc etc. I’d much rather wait until I feel inspired enough to put something I’m confident about out there with my name on it than fall into a pattern of generally uninspired yet consistent content (not that this is a good/right choice) and, ya, I am on vacation so…….

YET here I am! And WHY am I here? WHAT is the meaning of this?!?!?!

Hank and I recorded a new cover:

This is our second recorded cover, though this one Hank and I recorded at the same time as opposed to Train Song, which we did as separate tracks. I guess we sacrificed a few of the quieter guitar notes as a result of this, but it is generally a more pleasant experience to play together, and you get the timing dynamic and also its our fn (unnamed) band SO.

If you have not already, check out the music section of my blog! And our Soundcloud! Send me fan mail (or hate mail) (jk, please, I am fragile) to Share with your friends, send me requests or work such as Bar Mitzvahs or idk what have you. Ok that’s about as much self promotion as I can handle before I curl up and die as the shame puddle I have always known this kind of behavior will result in.


IN OTHER NEWS, we have been staying at a dear friend’s condo in DC for the past week, playing with her cat, sleeping, eating, drinking, and playing music. I think we may have finally caught up to the time change today (about 2 weeks after arriving in the south) by sleeping until 1. Hank has a theory that it’s actually due to bacteria from the cat because he read a thing online about how most cats carry a bacteria, or disease, or something, which is easily transmitted to humans and makes them more sleepy or docile or both or something. I think it’s just the time difference or something much more ominous, like that the cat has been actively poisoning our wine. If we survive til our departure tomorrow, we are hitting Philly for a night AND THEN the BIIIIIIIG APPO! Our (possible) future home. I am very excited and we will hopefully attempt busking in central park (if it is legal there) as well as see many celebrities and each acquire a bald millionaire to adopt us. We will also be staying in a SWEET hotel thanks to the glory that is Chase Sapphire points so THANKS for existing, Chase, keep being u, don’t ever change.

Finally, on the note of being inspired, I don’t mean to sound as though I have not found exceptional amounts of inspiration on this trip so far. I am noticing that left to it’s own devices, my inspiration transitions every couple of days between wanting to write, thinking of melodies, etc. I’ve been in a heavy idea phase for almost the entirety of the south, so I’m looking forward to the next writing phase and fleshing all the ideas out. I guess I am just trying to express that it’s nice to experience the self-perpetuating energy of creativity and feel confident in that I have no shortage of ideas and, um….. it’s cool.

img_20180729_190657Alright, that’s about it. I’ll be embedding this song in the music section of the site also, and hopefully uploading more music soon (including embarrassing originals!) Thanks all for tuning in! Uhhhh stay dry? (It’s thunder storming again here…)

Also, if you haven’t seen/heard this yet: