Currently in Montreal and I have to say, I could see myself living here. It’s artsy, affordable, and clean, without being too much of any of them. Also vaguely European and they speak French. I am not saying that I speak French ( I don’t, despite earning a C and D in my two semesters of it in high school… weird), however I do consider it a bonus to neither understand nor care about what people around me are saying 90% of the time, and just get to enjoy the cadence of the language. Montreal has a big “terrace” culture, where they spend a lot of time sitting on patios and drinking beer or coffee (this would be the aforementioned “vaguely european”ness), good food (ate the most amazing pizza last night), and really sweet art events going on all the time. I would definitely enjoy posting up here for a few months and working on my music… we shall see.

The main purpose of this post is to touch briefly on the album, nay, event, which is Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener.” While I understand why it would not work (or would wreck her vocal chords, or may not be what she likes to create), I have to say that I wish every song on the album had a power chorus a la No Tears Left To Cry’s. That being said, the only tracks on the album that I’m fond of at this point are the opening track covering a segment of the Four Seasons song, which I’m into, and God is a Woman, which is amazing. Actually, based on those two choices, I think I’m still hung up on this year’s MET gala and the whole Heavenly Bodies, religion-plus-modern-female-life-thing. I’m gonna work on a name for that because I just tried to think of one for three minutes and could only come up with spiritual feminist which is not even close. Anyway, I am feeling the theme. The rest of my thoughts (sorry if this is controversial):

  • Sick of Pharrell. Seriously.
  • Missy Elliott is cool but not down for the Nicki track
  • Wish Ariana Grande would take her vocals less down the Mariah Carey route and channel more of that Imogen Heap ish
  • Speaking of which, whoever produced the fkn Imogen Heap cover does NOT get it. At all. And by it I don’t mean Imogen Heap I mean music. He is the Peter Keating of music (haven’t finished the book yet so sorry if that’s more offensive than I intend it to be based on having read the first third only). What I’m trying to say is, wow, that was really terrible production on what could have been a cool song.
  • I wish borderline was about borderline personality disorder (which I thought her fiancee has? very misleading. I guess there is a track about mental health but everyone sings about anxiety.)
  • Actually, I like successful too, but I don’t want to add it up there because I had that great Heavenly Bodies bit already, and it also is not as much fun to listen to when you yourself are not as successful as you want to be yet. lol
  • And I like her lyrics. I feel like I actually learned something about her and where she is right now and that’s cool for a young person to be so frank with.

Anyways my beloved Google Pixel 2 just stopped working yesterday. Won’t turn on, won’t show the low battery signal, won’t respond to multiple charging cords so… that’s great. Not that I could do much with it in Canada but we went to a sweet art exhibit dj set last night that I wanted to capture footage of but alas. Hank has been doing a stellar job of not gloating because I had previously given him so much shit about how slow and old his phone is (which I used to take videos last night). He’s a nice boy.

Til next time…


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