Good afternoon 2 u all. Well... I am not doing a very good job of posting consistently. Perhaps I can blame this on the inconsistencies of wifi/signal availability not only as the nature of being a homeless road warrior, but a result of the constant torrential thunderstorms that are "summer" on the Atlantic coast. (Other [...]

Hello from a deafening and wifi-enabled campground in South Dakota! The cicadas here have no chill and are holding us all as aural prisoners. They started in around sunset and I thought it would be like how birds make a racket at sunset (and rise) and then would simmer down a bit but it's 9:46 [...]

Good morning from Portland and many weeks into the future... Hank and I are about a week into the road trip and having the best time. We (read: I) packed up our apartment over the course of 5-ish days, with the help of Lauren - a fellow Gaucho who I befriended while studying abroad in [...]